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Tighten & Lift Sagging Skin With Fibroblasting - Plasma Pen Treatments at Suzanne's Beauty Salon in Coventry 

Do you long for firmer, plumper youthful looking skin? The NEW Plasma Pen treatment available at Suzanne’s Beauty Salon in Coventry may be just what you’ve been looking for - giving you smoother, tighter, more lifted skin for up to three years!

Discounted Plasma Pen Treatments at our Coventry Salon

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Designed to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your complexion the Plasma Pen or Fibroblasting treatment offers face lifting, tightening and smoothing of skin without the need for surgery.  It is the ideal non-invasive beauty treatment for eyelid tightening and eyelid hood reduction (blepharoplasty). Get a Plasma Pen / Fibroblasting Treatment at Suzanne’s Beauty salon in Coventry by our experienced, fully certified and insured technicians.

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What is The Plasma Pen Treatment?

plasma pen at suzannes beauty salon coventryPlasma Pen or Fibroblasting as it is also known as is the latest highly effective and non invasive beauty treatment to help improve and brighten almost all areas of the skin.

Improve the texture of your skin and get a brighter more youthful appearance with Plasma Pen.

Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed, resulting in defined and more contoured skin.

How Quickly Will I See The Results of a Plasma Pen Treatment?

Results are immediate and can be seen after just one treatment. Although your Suzanne’s beauty therapist may suggest a course of treatments for optimal results.

How Long Do Plasma Pen Results Last?

The brilliant thing about Plasma Pen is that it offers long-lasting results! It will dramatically improve your looks by firming sagging skin and smoothing fine lines for up to three years. Better yet, it enables you to look and feel better without the need for costly and invasive surgery.

How Long is Recovery After a Plasma Pen Treatment?

Thanks to the adjustable probes used to target problem areas and give optimal results, the Plasma Pen Treatment at our Coventry Salon is extremely efficient, meaning little downtime.

Do I Need a Consultation Before a Plasma Pen Treatment?

plasma pen at suzannes beauty salon coventryYour skilled Fibroblasting Elite technician at Suzanne’s Beauty Salon in Coventry will carry out a detailed consultation prior to your treatment. This can be on the day of your treatment or prior, if you’d prefer.

We will ask assess your skin type and texture, discuss your medical history and answer any questions you may have. 

How many Plasma Pen treatments you need will depend on what you wish to achieve, the area being treated, your age, and the condition and type of your skin. Your technician will discuss all of this during your consultation.

Are Plasma Pen Treatments Painful?

No. You may feel a slight discomfort or tingling sensation. However, most clients say Plasma Pen is virtually pain-free. 

Before & After Plasma Pen

plasma pen at suzannes beauty salon coventryplasma pen at suzannes beauty salon coventry

Plasma Pen After Care Advice From The Experts at Coventry’s Top Beauty Salon

Aftercare following a Plasma Pen treatment is very simple. Follow these steps for the best anti-ageing results:

  • After the treatment there may be a slight burning sensation. This usually disappears within a few hours
  • Anti inflammatory medication may be taken
  • Swelling may occur around the eyes for approximately 72 hours - a cold compress will help to reduce any discomfort
  • Scabbing will develop over the treated area and will take between 5-7 days to flake off. Do NOT pick the scabs as this may lead to an infection or scarring 
  • Keep the treatment area clean and dry.
Discounts on multiple areas will be discussed at consultation  
Upper Eye Lid Lift £250
Upper Eye Area £250
Upper & Lower Eye Areas £450
Forehead £250
Brow Lift £150
Crow's Feet £150
Top Lip Lines £175
Bottom Lip Lines  £175
Top & Bottom Lip Lines  £300
Nasolabial (side of mouth) £250
Neck Lift £600
Upper Arms (prices from) £999

Who Are The Plasma Pen Specialists Near Me?

We have two experienced beauty technicians Suzanne French and Kirsty Woolf who are fully certified and insured to carry out Plasma Pen Treatments in Coventry’s top salon.  To book your plasma pen appointment please call our professional team on 024 76 635078.

You can also read our 5 star salon reviews and see why our clients say we are the best beauty salon in Coventry.