Microblading At Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Salon In Coventry

Perfect long-lasting eyebrows can be yours with the latest Microblading treatment from Gemma Crowther at Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry.  Microblading is when fine hair-like lines are etched into the skin to look just like your eyebrow hairs with a 3D appearance. Pigment is then added to ensure your new eyebrows are the perfect shade for you.  

Microblading is available priced at £175 for your first treatment, followed by £50 for a 6 week top-up; £65 for a top up between 0-6 months; £85 for a top up between 6-12 months, and £125 for a top up between 12-18 months.  


microblading before at top beauty salon in coventry
microblading after at top beauty salon in Coventry 1