Get Glowing Skin with Dermalogica LuminFusion Treatments

dermalogica luminfusion treatments in CoventryLuminFusion is an advanced skin treatment designed to increase skin luminosity, smooth out fine lines & wrinkles and reduce pigmentation.

During your 60-minute treatment, your Dermalogica skin expert will use the Dermalogica Pro Pen to improve skin texture before infusing it with active skin-friendly vitamins to give you a more radiant appearance.  The treatment includes a targeted peel around the eye area and hydroxy acid face peel to resurface and renew. 

We will also include LED Red Light Therapy to further boost results while also reducing the signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles, lines and pigmentation.  

After just one treatment your skin should feel hydrated and glowing, making the ideal treatment before a special event like a wedding.  We recommend you have the treatment 24-48 hours before your special event but book a consultation a few weeks before so we can make sure your skin is prepped and ready. 

The Benefits of LuminFusion 

Dermalogica's LuminFusion treatment is an excellent anti-ageing facial with benefits that include:

  • increased skin luminosity
  • a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduce hyperpigmentation
  • absolutely no downtime.

The 3 Steps to a LuminFusion Treatment

luminfusion with led light therapy in Coventry1. Skin Exfoliation

We will harness multiple exfoliation formulas to deliver advanced skin resurfacing. These include a powerful retinol and hydroxy acid blend peel for the face, an eye peel, and Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant to deliver instantly smoother, glowing skin.

2. Deep Infusions of Active Ingredients

The Dermalogica Pro Pen is a microneedling and nanoinfusion device in one which means we can deeply and safetly infuse active ingredients in the skin... with no downtime.

3. LED Light Therapy 

LED red light therapy is effective in visibly restoring skin luminosity.  Safe red light helps the skin to repair, which creates smoother skin texture and reduces fine lines.  Your skin will be smoother and more radiant afterward.

LuminFusion - Suitable For All Skin Types 

LuminFusion is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect treatment if you want to look radiant for big events and special occasions. Please seek our advice well in advance of your special event as we may need to prep. your skin in the lead-up to this treatment to ensure best results.  The results are instant and the skin settles over a 24 hour period, continuing to glow for days after the treatment.