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Improve The Appearance of Eyes, Lashes & Brows At Coventry's Best Salon

It's amazing what a difference an eyebrow shape or eyelash tint can make to the way you look. At Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry, our qualified beauty technicians will help you find a look that suits you - whether it's a lash lift, temporary party lashes, a neatly shaped eyebrow, tinted or permed lashes.

Please note:  You may need to pop in for a quick allergy alert test 24 hours prior to your appointment, particularly if it involves use of a tint or glue.  Our reception team can advise you when you book in for your appointment.

Please call 024 76 635078 to book.  

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Microblading At Suzanne's Beauty Salon in Coventry

Perfect long-lasting eyebrows can be yours with the latest Microblading treatment from Gemma Crowther at Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry.  Microblading is when fine hair-like lines are etched into the skin to look just like your eyebrow hairs with a 3D appearance. Pigment is then added to ensure your new eyebrows are the perfect shade for you.  

Microblading is available priced at £175 for your first treatment, followed by £50 for a 6-week top-up; £65 for a top-up between 0-6 months; £85 for a top-up between 6-12 months, and £125 for a top-up between 12-18 months.  

Lash Lifts At Suzanne's Beauty Salon, Coventry

Not everyone is blessed with long, thick lashes, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to obtain. At Suzanne’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Coventry, we are offer Lash Lift treatments to enhance your look. Our expert beauty therapists can now give you a set of beautiful natural-looking, longer lashes that are darker, fuller and curvier.   

The Lash Lift involves using silicone pads to lift the lashes from the root. This creates a subtle eyelash lift that makes the lashes look longer. We will then add a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root. This will lift each lash individually and add volume to your eyelashes. You can also choose how large a curl you require.  After 30-40 minutes the curl will be set and ready to be tinted to make the eyelashes really stand out.

The results are fantastic!  The lash lift will give greater definition to your face, making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effects last for several weeks too!

Brow Shaping, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting In Coventry

A well-shaped eyebrow can really enhance your eyes which can be a real confidence booster. Professional eyebrow shaping is carried out by waxing or tweezing. The effect can be enhanced by tinting the brow to add emphasis and definition.

Your beauty therapist will discuss your requirements with you before delivering a beautifully shaped eyebrow. If you look at the image on the left you can see the recommended guidelines for a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

While you are with us, why not enhance your lashes with a lash and brow tint  to give your eyes a brighter, younger look. These treatments give greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. A patch test is required before treatment so pop in 24-48 hours before your treatment for this quick allergy test.