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For smooth hair all summer long, book a keratin treatment at Suzanne's Hairdressing Salon in Coventry. We use the best Cocochoco keratin hair smoothing treatment to eliminate frizz and reduce curl on even the most unruly hair!

Our hair experts have created this guide on everything you need to know about keratin treatments before your appointment this summer. Transform your hair this season with a keratin hair smoothing treatment at our Coventry salon. The best part about Cocochoco is that it's a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free keratin treatment!

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Beat The Humidity With A Keratin Treatment

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Humidity can wreak havoc on hair, causing it to puff up and become a frizz ball. If you feel like this happens to you, then a keratin treatment may be the answer.

Keratin treatments work to lock lost keratin into your hair to smooth the cuticles and this then blocks humidity so that your hair won't be as affected by the weather.

It's important to note, we recommend that you leave your hair in its natural state for 3 days after the treatment and then you can wash and style your hair as normal.

If you'd like a keratin treatment before you go on holiday, it is worth factoring this in! It also takes on average between 1.5 - 3 hours to complete a keratin hair smoothing treatment.


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Eliminate Frizz With Keratin Hair Smoothing


A keratin treatment is also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry.

This treatment works to strengthen the bonds in the hair to reduce frizz. Keratin hair smoothing treatments are about smoothing the hair, not straightening the hair.

If you have very curly frizzy hair, a keratin treatment will work to reduce frizz while complimenting your curl pattern. It is unlikely you will end up with poker straight hair.

However, results do vary depending on the condition of your hair and your hair type. 


Keratin Treatments For Sleeker, Shinier Hair

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Keratin treatments work because the hair is made of keratin.

Through this treatment, we are able to restore lost keratin from your hair. Keratin is lost from our hair over time due to factors such as heat styling, chemical services and the natural process of getting older.

Since keratin forms a protective shield around the hair, when it is lost, the hair becomes brittle, dry and damaged.

At Suzanne's Hair Salons in Coventry, we can revive your hair and restore its health with a keratin treatment to provide your hair with what it needs most.


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