Award-Winning Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments Using Award-Winning Equipment Lynton Technology at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry

laser hair removal offer, hair & beauty salon, CoventryHere at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry, we invest heavily in the equipment we use to treat our clients, ensuring only the safest and most clinically effective treatments, each and every time. This ethos helped when deciding on our laser/IPL provider, Lynton –  a specialist aesthetic technologies manufacturer made up of the largest team of UK-based doctors, scientists & aestheticians.

With over 23 years’ experience in pioneering medical-grade devices for a broad range of cosmetic concerns, Lynton are experts in designing aesthetic technology that delivers extremely good results. Alongside their premium equipment, Lynton also provide us with comprehensive theory and practical training to ensure we have the in-depth clinical knowledge needed to treat clients safely whilst achieving outstanding results.

Another reason we use Lynton as our preferred laser/IPL supplier is because of the multiple awards they have won for the quality, safety and clinical results achievable with their equipment – this provides us with the reassurance that we are only using the best devices possible for our clients. Lynton recently won the industry’s most sought-after award for the second year in a row: the ‘Aesthetic Equipment of the Year’ with the Aesthetic Awards, an achievement we found to be very impressive!   

All our laser/IPL clinicians have received training directly from Lynton specialists, which is developed in partnership with the The University of Manchester. Lynton originate from this world-leading institute of higher education and continue to work in close collaboration with the Department of Physics on the development of specialist laser training courses. This means you can be assured that the treatment you have with us in Coventry s being delivered by clinicians who have received the UK’s best hand-on and theory based training available.

Lynton have an outstanding reputation for supplying medical-grade laser & IPL technologies to an extensive list of high profile clients, including the NHS and numerous private health care facilities around the UK. Lynton devices are considered by many doctors, dermatologist and aestheticians as the most effective, safe and reliable option when treating a wide range of different aesthetic treatments.

IPL Hair Removal at Suzanne’s Beauty Salon in Coventry

We use the Lynton Lumina 585 advanced technology for IPL hair removal at Suzanne’s Beauty Clinic in Coventry.  Our highly trained beauty therapists can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using intense pulsed light treatments.  A course of treatments is usually required at four to eight weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle.  Treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from in-growing hairs.

Tattoo Removal at Top Beauty Salon in Coventry

Not all lasers are the same and not just any laser can safely remove tattoos.  We use the most advanced lasers to safely and effectively remove your tattoos. Our expert will assess your tattoo, looking at the density, colour and size of the image, before making a recommendation.  The Active Q Switched Laser is considered by dermatologists as the safest and most clinically effective treatment for multi-coloured tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is virtually pain free with most clients describing the sensation as similar to a hot pin prick or the flick of an elastic band.

Laser Treatments to Improve Appearance of Age Spots & Pigmentation

We use Lynton Lumina 585 advance IPL to effectively treat a wide range of skin issues including age spots,  vascular lesions, fine line and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and skin texture.  Our skin experts are trained to the highest level and will assess your skin and talk to you about your concerns before explaining the process to you in detail. Age spots and freckles can be lightened or removed in as little as one to three treatment sessions.  The laser light targets areas of excess pigment, safely breaking down the excess melanin.  The sun spots darken in the first few days after treatment and then the excess melanin sheds naturally away.

Treat Thread Veins & Rosacea With Laser Treatments in Coventry

At Suzanne’s Beauty Clinic we can treat facial blemishes such as thread veins, broken veins and rosacea, using safe and effective laser treatments. Facial thread veins or broken red veins (telangiectasia) are unsightly superficial red, purple or blue veins that occur around the nose and across the cheeks and chin.  These broken veins occur when the vein dilates and become larger so they are visible through the transparency of the skin. Although facial veins / spider veins are quite common, they can cause distress and embarrassment for those who have them. Our highly trained and qualified therapists at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty, can treat your facial blemishes using Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser treatments which have minimal downtime or risk.

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