Natural Looking Hair Colour

The Trend for Natural-Looking Hair Colours at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Clinic in Coventry

Not everyone is blessed with a gorgeous natural hair colour, but don’t worry, this new trend will have everyone fooled that your natural hair is stunningly perfect. The natural-looking hair colour trend can be achieved through balayage, warm brunette lowlights and golden blonde highlights, all of which are easy ways to freshen up your look!

If you’re new to hair colour then this trend is a great way to ease yourself into getting your hair coloured. But remember, those of you that are new to colouring or haven’t had your hair coloured at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Clinic in the past six months, it’s essential for you to book in for a quick patch test 48 hours before your colour appointment.

golden blondes, suzanne's hair salon, coventryWarm Blonde Hair Shades – Golden Highlights

Look like you’ve just come back from holiday all year long with some warm blonde highlights. To achieve this we use golden tones, honey hues, buttery blondes and caramel colours.

If you want this sun-kissed look, then ask your colourist to weave warm blonde highlights throughout your hair.

bronde balayage, top hair and beauty salon, coventryBronde Balayage Hair Colours

‘Bronde’ is what you get when you mix blonde and brunette together!
This shade puts warm brunette tones with golden blonde which is then applied as highlights or through the hand-painted balayage technique.

Balayage is where your colourist paints vertical strips of colour onto your hair to enhance your hairstyle and features. This creates a beautiful bespoke look!

natural ombre hair colours, best hair & beauty salon, coventryNatural Ombré Hair Shades

Ombré is big news this season, but especially if it’s soft and natural! 

To create an ombré look, we will gradually make your hair lighter from the mid-lengths to the ends. To make this look even better, ask for a mix of light and dark blonde shades.

Both balayage and ombré are great (especially if you’re new to hair colour) because they are low maintenance. This is because there isn’t any noticeable root growth, so you can leave longer between visits to the salon. But, to keep your blonde ends looking fresh, return every eight weeks for a toner.

brunette with red tones. suzanne's hair salon, coventryBrunette & Bronze Hair Colours 

Be a bronzed, brunette babe this year by adding some slightly red-toned highlights throughout your hair.
Talk to your colour specialist about what look you want to achieve, and if you’re not sure then they can give you some advice.

A general rule for highlights is the thicker they are, the more noticeable they will be. So, for a soft and subtle look, opt for fine highlights.

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