Nail Ideas For Spring

Nail Trends At Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon In Coventry

Looking for some nail inspiration for spring? Well, look no further! At Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Clinic in Coventry, we’ve got some of the best nail ideas that will have you covered for your next few visits with us.

We offer Deluxe Dermalogica Manicures & Pedicures with or without long-lasting polish, so that you can get your fingernails and toenails pampered and painted so they look fabulous. If you want longer nails, we also offer Acrylic Nail Extensions!

Now take a look at the top nail trends including the best nail polish colours and beautiful nail art that you can get at our Church Lane beauty salon.

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Abstract Nails

Abstract nail art involves swirly designs being painted onto your nails. Typically, this nail trend involves four fingers being painted a block colour whilst your ring finger has the design painted on. However, if you’d like designs on every finger, our talented nail technicians can do that too!

nail art at top beauty salon in coventry

Bright French Tips

This modern take on the classic white French tips looks gorgeous and is a great way to add a pop of colour to your nails! For this nail trend, we paint where the white tip would usually be, a different colour such as neon orange, bright pink, animal print, or ruby red. Whatever colour you would like, we can paint as French tips for you.

spring nail trends at suzannes beauty salon in coventry

Nude Nails & Brown Polish

Top nail trends for this season include nude nail polish and brown nail polish. These neutral tones go well with whatever you’re wearing which is why they are such a popular choice for nail colours. You’re sure to look well put together with a nude nail – whether you get a square nail shape, almond nail shape or stiletto nail shape!

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Floral Nail Art Designs

Spring is when the flowers are beginning to bloom again, so why not bring that blossom of life into your nail art! We can create beautiful floral nail art designs that will show off your Spring spirit to everyone. If you’re someone who likes having themed nails then a flower nail design is perfect for you!

floral nail designs at suzannes salon coventry

Red Nail Polish Colour

There’s been a theory going round that red nail polish makes you lucky! So, why not test that theory out this season with a gorgeous red nail polish colour. From deep burgundy nail colours to pillar box red nail polish, we can help find the right nail polish colour to suit you.

red nail trend at best nails bar in coventry

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