Men’s Hair Ideas

Hair Styles & Ideas for Gents at Suzanne’s Hair in Coventry

At Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty in Coventry we can create some great gents’ hair styles from classic cuts to on-trend fades and disconnected looks.   Book in for your gent’s hair cut or hair colour by calling us on 024 7663 5078.

Disconnected Gents’ Hairstyles

A disconnected hair cut is where the hair is cut short or shaved at the back and sides and left long on the top. It can then be worn in a variety of different ways depending on your mood.  Do you fancy a quiff, slicked back, or do you want just want to leave your hair to its own devices?

Men’s Fades and Undercuts

A big trend for 2015 is to have your hair shaved at the sides. There are two popular versions of this: the fade and the undercut. With the undercut, the sides and back of the hair are either completely shaved or clippered to the same length all the way round. With the fade, the hair gradually fades from longer to shorter.

Preppy Hairstyles for Men

Preppy hairstyles can really add to your sense of style. Ask for a parting and for hair to be cut into a fade with longer hair on top. The hair can be as long or as short as you like on top – depending on how versatile you want your style to be.

Men’s Long Hairstyles at Suzanne’s Hairdressers in Coventry

Long hair can look great on gents but make sure you have it regularly trimmed and use some conditioner when you wash it. If your hair is curly, ask your stylist to add some layers to make it more manageable.