NEW Dermalogica Products

Dermalogica Introduce Two New Skin Brightening Products – Now Available at Suzanne’s Beauty Clinic in Coventry

We are delighted to introduce you to two new products from the Dermalogica AGE Bright range designed to help with breakouts and skin pigmentation by evening out and brightening skin tone.

dermalogica AGE bright anti-ageing treatments, CoventryDermalogica AGE Bright Spot Fader (15ml)

The new Dermalogica AGE Bright Spot Fader is a 2-in-1 brightening spot treatment that helps reduce the appearance of active breakouts and the marks they leave behind.  It features Niacinamide and Hexyl Resorcinol to fade post breakout marks improving uneven skin tone.  AGE Bright Spot Fader is ideal for adults who are concerned about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from breakouts.

Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum (30ml)

The new Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum is a two-in-one brightening and clearing serum that helps prevent breakouts while reducing visible skin ageing.  This is an active, highly concentred serum containing Salicylic Acid which accelerates cell turn-over helping to clear breakouts and reduce the signs of ageing.  AGE Bright Clearing Serum is a must for adults who regularly experience both breakouts and uneven skin tone