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Prolong Your Hair Colour At Suzanne’s Hair Salon In Coventry

Freshly coloured hair looks fabulous! It’s hard to beat that feeling when you look and feel your best after you’ve just had your hair coloured. At Suzanne’s Hairdressing Salon in Coventry, we want to help make your hair colour results last as long as possible. That’s why our hair colour experts have created a list of the best ways to prolong your hair colour.

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Always Use Conditioner

When it comes to colour-treated hair, conditioner is a must. This is especially true for bleach blonde hair colours, as bleach often dries out your hair.

Dull, dry hair looks less vibrant which will lead your hair colour to look less vibrant, too! Make sure to use conditioner when washing your hair and to leave it in for at least 3 minutes so that the conditioner can take effect.

Your hair colour will look more vibrant and brilliant when your hair is happy, healthy and moisturised.

Avoid Over-Heating Your Hair

As lovely as it is to have a super-hot shower after a long day, this can decrease the vibrancy of your hair colour and dry out your skin!

Hot water opens the hair cuticles and releases the colour. To prolong the life of your hair colour, we recommend you rinse your shampoo and conditioner out with room-temperature water.

Cooler temperatures help prolong the brilliance of your hair colour… if you can stand it, cold water blast your hair to seal the cuticle and keep your hair colour in place.

Plan Your Hair Washes

Schedule in when you’re going to wash your hair, and make sure you don’t overwash your hair.

Our hair experts recommend that you only wash your hair 2-3 times a week. This will make your hair colour last longer and is actually better for your hair as it regulates the production of your natural hair oils.

When you wash your hair with shampoo, focus on washing your roots rather than the mid-lengths to ends of your hair. If you overwash the middle to ends of your hair, this can strip the hair colour from your hair!

OLAPLEX Hair Treatments

At Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon, we offer the best OLAPLEX Hair Treatments to give your hair more strength, shine and add lustre to your hair colour.

OLAPLEX works by reconnecting the bonds that are broken during the hair colouring process. This helps to repair the hair and eliminate hair breakage.

The best thing about the OLAPLEX Hair Treatment at our Coventry hairdressing salon in that it can by added onto your usual hair colour service for only £15! Find out more about OLAPLEX Hair Repair.

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