Get Glowing Skin!

How To Get Great-Looking Skin – Advice From The Skin Specialists at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry

How To Get Glowing Skin

What should you be doing to get gorgeous glowing skin?  Here we answer your questions about your skin, skin care routines and skin care to ensure you look and feel fabulous.  

Do I Need To Wear Sunscreen In Winter?

Yes!  You should wear a high SPF sunscreen all year through. Even when the sun does not appear to be shining brightly (or you are sitting in the shade), the sun is there and you are at risk of sun exposure which can result in fine lines and sagging skin.  

Will Chocolate Give Me Spots?

There is no evidence to suggest that eating chocolate will lead to spots but, as with everything we would suggest moderation! If you’re suffering from acne-prone skin, chat to one of our skin specialists.  We offer a wide range of treatments that can help with blemished skin so take some time to book in for a consultation.

Should I Use Expensive Skin Care?

While there’s something very luxurious about using premium skincare, doing so may not be the best course of action for your skin.  Do not over-load your skin with products. Instead, get some advice from our Coventry skin specialists who can help you find a skin care regime that is tailored to your skin type and needs. 

Can I Try ‘Professional’ Skin Treatments at Home

Please beware cheap alternatives to professional salon treatments.  They may save you money, but they may also harm your skin.  It simply is not worth the risk that you might permanently damage your skin.