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If you have noticed your hair thinning or hair loss, this may be due to natural hair shedding or hair breakage. At Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Clinic in Coventry, our hair experts explain the difference between shedding and breakage so that you can understand what's happening with your hair.

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What Is Hair Shedding?

Hair goes through a hair growth cycle. Most of the hairs on your head (85-90%) are currently in the active growing stage which is called the anagen phase. While the rest of your hairs (10-15%) are in the telogen on resting phase.

Usually, hair remains in the growing phase for around 2-4 years. After this, the hair naturally enters into the resting phase for around 2-4 months. At the end of the hair growth cycle, the hair will naturally shed to make room for new hair growth. 

If you see some hairs in your brush after brushing your hair, or circling round your shower drain after a shower, this is completely normal! On average, a healthy person should expect to shed up to 100 hairs every day. 

What Is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage is another normal part of the hair's lifecycle and it is when the hair breaks somewhere on the hair strand. Breakage and split ends happen due to our day-to-day activities such as effects from the environment, touching, sleeping and styling the hair.

Although hair breakage is natural, there are some things you can do to help reduce the amount of hair that breaks. In some cases with excessive hair breakage, you may notice sparse areas around the scalp. This can also result in frizzy looking hair. But, don't worry, at Suzanne's Hair Salon, we have some top tips on how to reduce hair breakage.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is the result of excessive shedding. This is when more hair that the usual amount is shed. If you are concerned and noticing more hair than usual coming out when your brush, wash or style your hair, we recommend that you contact your local GP for advice.

Potential hair loss causes include:

Major surgery
Physical trauma
Serious psychological
Illness, infection or a high fever
Extreme weight loss
Iron deficiency
Abrupt hormonal changes

You may also be experiencing balding due to a genetic disposition such as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. If hair loss runs in your family and you are concerned about this, we recommend you contact a trichologist or visit a specialist hair loss clinic.

Treatments For Hair Loss

When it comes to natural amounts of hair shedding and hair breakage, all you need to do is wait for new hairs to replace to old ones as this is part of the hair lifecycle. However, it is worth noting that you may notice seasonal hair shedding. Commonly, people notice more hair shedding in Autumn since the hair grows more in the Summer and when these hairs are no longer needed they shed naturally.

If you are experiencing excessive hair breakage, there are things you can do to reduce the amount your hair is breaking. Firstly, you need to be gentle with your hair when brushing and styling. Stop tying your hair in tight hairstyles as this can pull the hair and cause it to snap. Try not to use heated styling tools where possible, but if you have to then make sure to always use heat protectant to protect your hair.

Hair breakage typically happens due to the hair being dry and brittle. So, you should use moisturising haircare products and consider a weekly hair mask. At Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Clinic in Coventry, we offer the best Olaplex hair treatments to help repair dry, damaged and brittle hair. If you're not sure what hair products you should be using on your hair, just ask your Suzanne's stylist and we will recommend the perfect haircare products for you.

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