Super Summer Hair Ideas

Summer-Proof Your Hair: Tips From The Stylists At Suzanne's Coventry Salon

As much as we love to see the sun peek through the clouds every now and then, we are sad to tell you that too much fun in the sun can lead to hair damage. Check out our advice to help keep your hair looking its best over summer and into autumn. Our stylists are here to ensure your hair looks fabulous so remember to book in for your regular hair appointment so we can refresh your hair colour and give you a tidy-up trim or reshape.

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summer hair care at Suzanne's hairdressers in Coventry

Frizz-Busting Summer Hair Solutions

Summer is finally upon us and while we embrace the sunshine, there is no denying that those hot and humid afternoons can leave our hair a frizzy mess.  The solution? A fabulous, frizz-busting Cocochoco Keratin Straightening Treatment at Suzanne's Hair Salon in Coventry.

Similar to the Brazilian Blow Dry this innovative and effective Keratin Hair Smoothing Service available now at Suzanne’s hair & beauty salon in Coventry guarantees to eliminate frizz and reduce curl even on the unruliest hair!

Protect Your Hair From Pool Chemicals

Chlorine may keep pools clean but this is a strong chemical that can damage the condition and colour of your hair. Try rinsing your hair in freshwater before your swim to stop your locks absorbing quite so much of the chlorine.  Ask your stylist for advice on how to stop your hair from drying out and keeping your hair colour looking vibrant. 

Save Your Hair From Too Much Sun & Heat 

They say everything in moderation and that goes for the use of heated styling appliances and sitting out in the sun!  Both can lead to dry, damaged hair that is prone to breakage and splitting.  We suggest you purchase a professional shampoo and conditioner that contain UV protection and come in for a hair conditioning treatment during the summer months.