Damaged Hair?

How To Repair Damaged Hair - Top Tips From Suzanne's Hair Salon In Coventry

If your hair is looking dull, drab and breaking, then it's time to take action. Check out 4 signs of damaged hair and some top tips on how to get healthy hair and then book your next appointment at your favourite Coventry hairdressing salon by calling 024 76 635078.

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Is Your Hair Dry?

If your hair is dry, that's a sure sign that it is dehydrated. This may be caused by over-heating, too many chemical treatments, hormonal changes or simple genetics.  Visit Suzanne's Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry for an in-salon treatment to re-hydrate your hair.  Having a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water daily will also keep your hair in good condition.

Is Your Hair Breaking & Splitting?

Dry hair tends to break and split and there is only one answer - come in for a trim every 6-8 weeks.  We will cut away your split ends and add some bounce back into your hair style.  

Is Your Hair Tangling More Easily?

Dry, thin and frizzy hair becomes knotted very easily. Add a deep conditioning treatment at home or in the salon and gently comb through your hair.  Do not tug or pull your hair as this will cause further damage. 

Does Your Hair Colour Look Dull?

If your hair has lost its lustre, this could be a sign that it is damaged.  Hair looks dull when it is dry and has lost moisture, so come in for a nourishing hair treatment to bring back that shine. Coloured hair may also lose its vibrancy when it has been exposed to too much sun or heat.  We can revive your hair colour with an in-salon glossing service.