How to Get Rose Gold & Silver Grey Hair Colours

Get Rose Gold & Silver Grey Hair Colours at Suzanne’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Coventry

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Rose gold and silver grey hair colours have become very trendy this year and many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have been spotted sporting them. These days no other style draws more attention on social media and our expert hair colour technicians at Suzanne’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Coventry love creating on-trend hair colours that define our clients’ individual needs.

We feel it is important to inform our clients about the procedure involved in changing hair colours, so check out our step-by-step guide on how to dye your hair rose gold or silver grey.

We will give you a free hair colour consultation to discuss the different hair colour option and techniques that will best suit you.

Colouring Your Hair Rose Gold or Silver Grey 

To change your hair colour successfully, we do not recommend the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ approach.  Rather we advise that you visit one of our professional hair colour technicians, as altering hair colour at home can be both tedious and risky. The job is better left to the experts.

During your initial consultation, our hair colour technician may recommend using OLAPLEX™ hair conditioning treatment, to give your hair more strength and shine and add lustre to your hair. 

Step 1: Bleach your hair blonde

To alter your hair colour to rose gold or silver grey, you will first need to bleach your hair to a blonde or platinum blonde shade.  Depending on your starting hair colour, bleaching may require several rounds to achieve desired hair colour. A lighter colour from your current hair colour or a golden blonde can pass for the rose gold look, but to achieve best results for the silver-grey hue, bleaching to a platinum blonde shade is advised.

Step 2: Add a toner

Toners are great for the removal of brassy hues after bleaching your hair blonde. A purple toner is usually applied to achieve the silver grey shade as this eliminates the yellow undertone in order to give you that stunning silver grey shade.

Step 3: Dye your hair rose gold or silver grey

Applying your preferred shade – the silver grey or rose gold dye – is the concluding step. A colour safe shampoo is then used to wash out the dye, before we give you a beautiful blow dry.


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Lash Lift

The Secret to Longer Lashes at Suzanne’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Coventry

Want longer, fuller lashes? Well, thanks to the latest developments in beauty technology, getting the perfect set of natural looking, longer lashes is now within our reach.

Not everyone is blessed with long, thick lashes, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to obtain. At Suzanne’s Hair and Beauty Salon in Coventry, we are excited to announce the Lash Lift treatment, our newest beauty service, available from February 14th 2017, priced at only £30.

Our expert beauty therapists can now give you a set of beautiful natural looking, longer lashes that are darker, fuller and curvier.



How Does A Lash Lift Work?

lash-liftingThe Lash Lift involves using silicone pads to lift the lashes from the root. This creates a subtle, natural looking eyelash lift that makes the lashes look longer.

We will then add a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root. This will lift each lash individually and add volume to your eyelashes. You can also choose how large a curl you require — small, medium or large. 

After 30-40 minutes the curl will be set and ready to be tinted to make the eyelashes really stand out.

The results are fantastic!  The lash lift will give greater definition to your face, making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effects last for several weeks too!

How To Maintain Your Lash Lift 

It is recommended not to wear any eye makeup for about 24 hours. However, we will advise you on the best hair care maintenance routine before your treatment.

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Come and experience the Lash Lifting difference for yourself from February 14th onwards. For appointment bookings and availability enquiries, please call our friendly and professional team on 024 76 63 5078